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  • High Precision Tiny Fish Bones X-ray Detector
  • Tiny Fish Bones X-ray Detector XR-100D-4000D Tiny Fish Bones X-ray Detector XR-100D-4000D

    High Precision Tiny Fish Bones X-ray Detector

    Model NO: XR-4000D X-ray Detector
    Alarm Form: Sound and Light Alarms
    X-ray Generator: 80kv, 350W
    X-ray Generator Brand: Vj
    Detection Tunnel Size: 410mm(W)*160mm(H)
    Detector Brand: Dt
    Conveyor Speed: 10-20 M/Min
    Conveyor Material: Blue Food Grade PU Belt
    Max. Bearing Capacity: 5 Kg or Customized
    Detection Accuracy: SUS Ball: Φ0.4mm, SUS Wire: Φ0.2 *2mm,
    External HD Screen: Included
    X-ray Leakage: < 1μsv/H
    IP Rate: IP66 (Under The Belt)
    Cooling Mode: Pfannenberg Air Conditioning
    Material of Construction: SUS 304
    Surface Treatment: Sand Blasting


    Product Description

    XR-100D series is used for detecting contaminants inside of the small packaged products. Metal and non-metal impurities include ferrous, non-ferrous, stainless steel, glass, ceramic, stone, bones, had rubber and hard plastic, even for products wrapped in aluminum foil or metallised film and etc. The foreign object is detectable by its density. The greater density they have, the easier they can be found. That is why we normally use X-RAY inspection system to detect even the most tiny contaminants.

    x-ray detector for fish bones detection


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